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Where can I buy your products?


You can purchase our products directly on the website, Amazon, and the following local retailers in Northeast Ohio:

PURE Blend Smoothie + Cafe, My Mindful Market, Local Flavors NEO, Ohio Artisan Collective, and Cleveland Tradeworks

What foods does the harissa taste good with?

Dip it in, spoon it on or add it to your favorite recipe - Harissa is the perfect addition to any meal packing the right amount of heat with intense flavor.  Delicious on sandwiches, eggs, stirred into soups or stews, as a marinade on veggies, meat or fish, or straight out of the jar! Look out for our favorite recipes coming soon!



What other products are you going to have in the future?

We are working on other cooking pastes, hot sauces and dry spice blends!

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