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January 14th

It's been a while since I last wrote. Things have been busy to say the least - but we wanted to take some time today to reflect on January 14th. A very special day - it's our conception day! (That's totally a thing!) and it almost didn't happen.

Every year on January 14th, a very special person in my life, my cousin Neha, celebrates her birthday. She's actually more like my sister, definitely my best friend and 100% my partner in crime. So every year, I always remember January 14th as her birthday.

But January 14, 2019 was a little different. That afternoon, Neha stopped by my house to borrow some pumpkin puree to make muffins (we're also neighbors :). I was rushing as usual and in my haste, I tried to lift the freshly cut can top with my thumb. Within a second, I had accidentally cut my thumb deeper than I can remember and immediately began asking her to call for help. It was absolutely horrifying as the bleeding wouldn't stop. Not only was the pain excruciating, I was crushed because I had a board meeting that night followed by my first class at the Central Kitchen to start PUR Spices. I just kept thinking that my journey was going to end before it even started! What felt like forever, and 4 sloppy stitches later, I returned from the ER debating whether or not to rest at home or just go for it and hope for the best.

I went for it! I left my board meeting and barely made it to the Central Kitchen for my first class on "learning how to start a food business" (I was actually super late and missed most of the class). But, PUR Spices was actually going to happen!

Some pictures from early conception:

Not only is January 14th about celebrating my best friend (she's also my eternal taste tester, my pepper stemmer - she helped stem our first batch, and my rock), it's also about remembering a few important lessons:

1. People are the most important part of our journey and I am so grateful to have someone like Neha in my life

2. Remember to slow down and act mindfully...the can will always win

3. Go for's easy to have more than 100 excuses (or an ER trip and stitches) for why you can't do something. But don't let doubts, fears or anything else get in the way. The journey will be hard, messy, painful, joyous, satisfying and everything in between...but it won't happen unless you go for it!


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