Our Story

As a food lover and mom of food allergy children, I was sick and tired of spending hours scrutinizing food labels wondering what was in my spices and sauces.  All I wanted was to find fresh, healthy and tasty cooking ingredients that didn’t have a running list of additives, preservatives, fillers, and top allergens.  And that’s why I created PUR Spices Limited.

PUR Spices is a company that operates with the philosophy of using only wholesome ingredients to create exceptional experiences enhancing everyday foods.  We make high-quality sauces and spices of international flavor.

Currently, our core business is a Harissa (chili pepper sauce line) including original, mint and cilantro flavors. Our sauces make the ideal condiment or cooking paste.  They are flavorful and extremely versatile and go with multiple cuisines such as American, Middle Eastern, Italian, Mexican, Indian and more.  As we grow, we will expand the product offering to other sauces and spice blends.


Aside from our products being free of all the garbage, our sauces are just the right heat, packed with intense flavor.  Foodies, clean eaters and anyone looking to add a little spice in their life will enjoy our collection!  Dip it in, spoon it on or add it to your favorite recipe, you’ll find a 100 reasons to have Pur Spices in your kitchen.