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Why PUR?

For the last 7 years, I've been struggling trying to find safe, healthy cooking ingredients for my kids with severe food allergies. You see, my daughter has been anaphylactic to wheat, barley, rye (all things with gluten) as well as all nuts since she was 6 months old. My son is anaphylactic to all nuts.

And I'm a foodie - I love everything about food - Learning about different ingredients, types of cuisines, cooking and feeding my family and friends. I was watching the Food Network in the early 90s before it was even cool!

Growing up vegetarian, I was familiar with scanning labels to make sure I didn't have have any meat products in my food. But when I started scanning labels for my kids, I just kept thinking "

“Potassium Sorbate? Natural Flavorings? Generic Spices” …What are all these things? And is that what I really want to eat or feed my family? It wasn't.

Not only did I need to make sure our cooking ingredients were free of their allergens, I was also trying to find basic seasoning, spices and sauces that didn't have so much "junk!" So I got the idea for PUR Spices.

What is PUR?

PUR is free of additives, fillers, chemical preservatives, and top allergens.

PUR is real food that you can taste.

PUR is the love and passion that was meant to be a part of the food journey.

Wondering why harissa? Stay tuned for our next blog post! :)


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