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Jah's Vegan Sausage

Filled with mushrooms, black beans and our Masala Paste, these vegan sausages are flavorful and easy to make - making them a winner for us! Bonus, these bites are also gluten free as they are rolled in rice paper and then pan fried crispy. Drizzle with a little extra Masala Paste for an extra burst of flavor.

Recipe and photo by Chef Ja'Mila Hatchett


1 Cup Fine Chopped Oyster Mushrooms

3 Tablespoons of PUR Spices Masala Paste

1/2 cup of boiled black beans

2-3 cloves of garlic minced

2-3 Tablespoons of minced red onion

2 oz of Minced Fresh Thyme and Rosemary

1 Cup of EVOO

3-4 Sheets of clear rice paper

Season to taste with:

-smoked paprika

-garlic powder

-onion powder

-cayenne pepper*

-cumin *

-Himalayan salt

* Dash lightly


  1. Once your done mincing your vegetables and herbs; add them to a bowl

  2. In a separate bowl, mash your boiled black bean into a mush then add to your bowl of minced vegetables

  3. Add all of the seasonings to taste

  4. Add 3 Tablespoons of PUR Spices Masala Paste and marinate for 2-4 hours

  5. Here's the tricky part, In a large skillet bring about 1 inch of water to boil, then simmer on medium

  6. Take your rice paper and submerge it with two tongs for 2 seconds, flip if needed* (depends on brand)

  7. *Be careful not to let the paper stick to itself*

  8. Next lay your rice paper on a dry work surface surface

  9. After taking the bowl out of the refrigerator; add 3 Tablespoons of our PUR Spices Masala Mushroom Marinated Mix on top of the rice paper

  10. Shape into a line and roll, the shape is up to the artist! Have fun. (Repeat 4 Times)

  11. Bring your EVOO to a frying simmer in a medium sized skillet

  12. Once you've made your "sausage shaped" rolls, place them in the skillet with the sealed side down

  13. Rotate every 2 minutes on each side until golden brown or crispy

  14. Remove from the skillet with tongs, onto a paper towel to dry for 2-3 mins

  15. Plate then drizzle PUR Masala Paste with a fork loosely on top, this enhances and carries all the flavors to the finish line for a beautiful vegan version of sausage.


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